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Once the sale of the Tivoli Housing Co-op was complete in 2014, the Common Fire Foundation shifted its focus dramatically, limiting itself to providing basic support for the Beacon Co-Housing community.  The Foundation previously had a much more expansive vision of helping to support the creation of numerous intentional communities nationwide that shared our values related to communities as a foundation for personal and collective transformation.  The information on this page represents our PREVIOUS more expansive vision and is provided here in the hopes that it may help to support or inspire other people’s efforts in this field.


"In my life’s work, my heart longs for and seeks those who are committed to living and leading by example -- from the ground up and the inside out. Common Fire is a shining and beautiful example of this.”
-- Julia Butterfly Hill,
Founder, Circle of Life Foundation;
Author, Legacy of Luna

We are living in the most critical era in human history.

The world as we know it, and as humans have known it for the past 150 years, represents a radical departure in the 200,000 year history of homo sapiens. Never before have we as a species had the power to cause ourselves and the planet the intense suffering and destruction that we currently unleash every day.

At Common Fire we believe the world needs a fundamental shift in how people see the world and live in the world. We support this cultural transformation by helping create intentional communities where people are committed to leading lives that are joyful, just, and sustainable, from the ground up and the inside out, and to their communities being catalysts for change in the broader society.

Common Fire is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation, founded in 2001. We are governed by an Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Our financial reports (annual IRS Form 990s) are available through Guidestar, or on request.

Through 2006 our efforts were focused almost exclusively on our first major project, a housing co-op in New York's Hudson Valley. It has been a tremendous success, providing a powerful experience for the people living there and a source of inspiration for the broader community. The physical structure itself has drawn significant attention because the US Green Building Council certified it as the highest scoring green building in the Eastern United States, and the third highest scoring in the country.

Our work in 2007 was focused primarily on developing an effective governance model for the organization, and developing a document laying out our vision for neighborhood/village-scale model communities.

In 2008 we began working with groups in New York's Hudson Valley and in California's Bay Area to make this vision a reality, and will remain our primary focus through 2009 and beyond. You can read about these communities in Co-ops & Communities.

Please read about Our Services and Who We Work With if you might be interested in initiating a Common Fire community in your local area. Or check out our Community Resources if you want some great information about starting and sustaining an intentional community.

Our work is sustained almost exclusively by donations from individuals, most of them small amounts that add up to make a big difference for us. We welcome your support.